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Cryptocoins, Digital Fixed Income, DeFi, NFT’s, FanTokens.

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Thinking in every detail to offer the best trading experience for beginners.


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Combine your experience with product liquidity and explore a complete and secure trading panel.

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Start investing in just 3 steps

<p>Create a free account</p>

Step 1

Create a free account

In a few minutes, create and activate your account to use the platform.

<p>Make a deposit</p>

Step 2

Make a deposit

Use Pix, TED or DOC and transfer balance to your account.

<p>Buy cryptoassets</p>

Step 3

Buy cryptoassets

Choose the assets and diversify your portfolio starting from R$ 1

The biggest exchange of Latin America since 2013

Platform available 24/7 to buy and sell cryptoassets at any time.

+50 billion

in traded volume (trading in) on the platform since 2013

+200 assets

in one place to trade your way

+3,9 million

clients trading on the platform

A message from our CEO

We are creating the new digital economy of the future. But, behind this evolution, several people are working. And to represent each one of them, our CEO wants to say a few words to you.

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Mercado Bitcoin in the media


2TM Participacoes SA, owner of the biggest Brazilian cryptocurrency brokerage, is hunting for acquisitions to enter other Latin American markets

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Still in doubt?

  • How to create an account at Mercado Bitcoin?

    Creating an account at Mercado Bitcoin is easy and free. On the home page of Mercado Bitcoin’s website, click on “Open account”. Then set up your registration email and password. It is very important that you create a strong password to increase the security of your account.


    Continue filling in the requested information. Once you have completed the entire form, go to the email address that you used when you registered to activate your account. If it is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


    Remember that it is not possible to associate more than one account for the same e-mail, CPF or CNPJ.


    For more information, visit the Help Center.

  • How to buy Bitcoin?

    At Mercado Bitcoin, you buy Bitcoin (BTC) in a simple, secure and user-friendly way. First, you need to have a Mercado Bitcoin account. Next, you make a deposit to your Mercado Bitcoin account. This can be Pix, TED or DOC.


    Search for the Bitcoin (BTC) asset in the search space and click “buy”. You can choose between Limited Order and Quick Buy. Choose how much Bitcoin (BTC) you will invest in this purchase and you are done.


    See more information about Limited Purchase and Quick Purchase.

  • Is Mercado Bitcoin safe?

    In partnership with the largest technology companies and global leaders in security testing, Mercado Bitcoin invests in technology and infrastructure to offer the best in the new digital economy.


    In addition, the exchange participates in the FINTECH SEGURA program, an initiative of the Brazilian Association of Fintechs that groups companies in the industry that adopt good practices in Information Security and periodically evaluate their processes according to globally recognized standards and regulations.


    For more information, see our Security page.

  • How to convert cryptoassets?

    In the logged-in area of Mercado Bitcoin, you have a “convert” function. This feature allows you to exchange one currency for another instantly. In other words, you do not have to sell the currency to use the balance in reais to purchase another one.


    To do this, on the asset card, click on the ellipsis icon. Then click on “Convert”. By doing so, you will see the options “Exchange” and “For”. In “Exchange”, select a currency that you have a balance in, and in “For” leave the currency you want. To conclude, just click on “Confirm Exchange”.


    For more information, visit the Help Center.

  • How to send cryptocurrencies?

    In order to transfer cryptocurrencies, you must have Two-Step Verification enabled in your Mercado Bitcoin account. Two-Step Verification is mandatory, as it increases the level of security for sending cryptocurrencies.


    Aware of this, just log in to your Mercado Bitcoin account. On the home page, click on the “Cryptocurrencies” option (or Favorites if you have already created your list), located under the Assets tab.


    Select the currency you will be transferring and click “Send”. Check the “Guidelines” and under “Destination Address” enter the wallet that will receive the transfer and the amount.


    Select “Confirm Transfer” and check the operation sum up. Finally, confirm the transfer request by sending an e-mail to the address registered in your account.


    For more information, visit the Help Center.

  • What is the blockchain?

    In short, blockchain is a system that allows information to be tracked over the internet. It is a kind of accounting ledger (public ledger) that records transactions made with virtual currencies. This technology makes transactions reliable, transparent, and immutable.


    All information is stored in blocks, with each block having time and date information.


    For more information, visit the Help Center.

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