To The Moon!

Contato Seguro:
our whistleblowing channel

To The Moon!

Through Contato Seguro, a 2TM Group partner company, you can safely communicate to us any behavior that violates our Code of Ethics and Conduct, either anonymously or identified. Contato Seguro is totally unbiased and reports submitted in the channel will be handled exclusively by Mercado Bitcoin’s Risk and Compliance team.

Want to make a complaint? We want to hear from you!


  • What is the whistleblowing channel?

    It is a channel for secure and anonymous reporting of improper or wrongful conduct that violates the laws, Code of Conduct or Mercado Bitcoin’s Policies.

  • Who will receive and handle the complaint?

    The complaint will be received and processed by Mercado Bitcoin's Compliance team, which has specialized and qualified professionals. The Compliance team will conduct the assessments in an appropriate manner, always preserving the confidentiality of those involved.

  • What ensures the confidentiality and anonymity of the report?

    Our Whistleblowing Channel was built with the highest security technology available. Subjected to the most rigorous security testing and Compliance assessments. In addition, if you opt for anonymity, the system was developed to ensure that no information (such as IP, geolocation, etc.) is recorded.

  • What information should I provide?

    When making a report, include as much information and details as possible (i.e. when, who, how, where and why), including evidence of what is being reported. Vague, non-specific or unsubstantiated reports are more difficult to evaluate. There must be a commitment to the details and veracity of what is being reported.

  • Who can use the channel?

    Everyone (employees, customers, partners, and community members) with information about improper or inappropriate conduct can use our channel.