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We are among the 25 most trusted exchanges in the world in 2020, we are the largest platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Latin America, and more than 3 million customers trust us.

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To The Moon!

But it all started there in 2013 with our idea of democratizing access to our digital assets.

Facing the financial market's challenges with boldness, we are a platform with innovation written in our code. Whether in the workplace or creating new opportunities, we believe that a different view changes everything.

And with this view, we combine technology and security, making it easy for you to access your digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

And now? Reinvent yourself.

What about after? The moon is the limit

Your access to the new digital economy.

What guides us

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In partnership with the largest technology companies, and global leaders in security testing, our investments in technology and infrastructure are designed to give you more comfort for your decision making.

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Freedom to trade any cryptocurrency and digital assets on our platform, you have more autonomy to diversify your portfolio. No conflict of interest.

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In 2020, we were chosen by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) as one of the 25 most trusted exchanges in the world. We were also one of the first to follow the Normative Instruction of the Brazilian IRS.

And how we do that

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Whether in customer service or our services and products, we are careful to make sure your experience is the best.

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With high-return products, you can diversify your investment portfolio with cryptocurrencies or digital assets.

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The more you learn about cryptocurrencies, alternative assets, and trading, the better you trade.

Meet our Team

Avatar Gustavo Chamati

Gustavo Chamati

Avatar Maurício Chamati

Maurício Chamati

Avatar Roberto Dagnoni

Roberto Dagnoni

Avatar Reinaldo Rabelo

Reinaldo Rabelo

Avatar Guto Antunes

Guto Antunes

Avatar Fabricio Tota

Fabricio Tota

Avatar Gleisson Cabral

Gleisson Cabral

Avatar Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez

Avatar Gustavo Zeno

Gustavo Zeno

Avatar Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz

Avatar Ana Antunes

Ana Antunes

Avatar Bernardo Srur

Bernardo Srur

Avatar Marcos Mellão

Marcos Mellão

Avatar Daniel Cunha

Daniel Cunha

Avatar Marcus Lavorato

Marcus Lavorato

Avatar Priscila Rocco

Priscila Rocco

Avatar Alessandra Manicardi

Alessandra Manicardi

Avatar Ronaldo Faria

Ronaldo Faria

Avatar Sérgio Veiga

Sérgio Veiga

Avatar Fábio Moraes

Fábio Moraes

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Personalized service

Personalized service

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Early access to limited investments and to our trading desk that provides liquidity and agility to your transactions.



Free and/or incredibly discounted courses at BlockChain Academy.

The sales team

Avatar Karina Fiore

Karina Fiore

Account and Relationship Executive

Avatar William Pereira

William Pereira

Account and Relationship Executive

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